This gold cap is christened as Mazamir, an Urdu word for respect for music. Weaved with gold threads and encrusted with gemstones, the designer ensured to engrave the cap with the musical instruments. This beautiful piece of wearable art was crafted as an ode to music and the legendary singer Shankar Mahadevan.



Crafted by one of the finest in town, a mesmerising evocative of the ancient era. In earlier times and even today, the red corals used in this artistic piece are considered highly auspicious. Done in pure woven mesh work with meticulous care, different shapes of rich-coloured corals hang down a gold-plated choker. Exemplary details like the antique charms and coins in silver makes this jewellery exotic, and forbye a perfect match to your indo-western garbs.


The product ‘AHI’ by Adore Jewels has been inspired by the story of Vasuki; the most powerful snake and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. According to the Hindu Mythology, Vasuki is one of the prime snake deities who is worshipped on Nag Panchami and other auspicious occasions. Symbolism plays a key role in Hinduism and wearing Vasuki around the neck signifies that Lord Shiva is fearless and rules all the three lokas.In some ancient artworks as well as in this product, the serpent king Vasuki has been depicted having multiple heads. The centre part of the brooch has been engraved with the ‘Aum’ [OM] symbol along with a pure work of thewa. The heads of the snakes have been adorned with crowns made up of diamonds and to add a touch of realism, the eyes have been rendered by deep-red ruby gemstones.


This exquisite bracelet has been designed by taking inspiration from our founder’s earnest faith in Jainism. Structured on the grounds of spiritual awareness, and divine consciousness, with a layer of silver gold plating, this product has been termed as ‘Temple Of Awakening’. The band has been meticulously engraved with various sacred symbols like swastika, which unravel deeper meanings and philosophies.
The Swastika represents the four pillars of Jain Sangh which include Sadhus, Sadhvis, Shravakas, and Sharavikas. The divinity and beauty of this product remains unmatched as it has been crafted with immense love and faith in the power of the Jain Dharma.

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