Adore as the name suggests is dedicated to perfection and is the key element of Adore’s business. From the early stages of design to final creations, from taking care of their craftsmen to nurturing a loyal customer base, our dedication to perfection is the basis of everything that we do. We strive to achieve perfection and are aware it is all that matters.


The Dynamic Energy Behind Adore Jewels

She is the divine force, “the beauty of the three worlds – earth, atmosphere and sky (heaven)”. She is a goddess who symbolizes beauty. She is the divine cosmic energy that represents feminine energy. She is also known as the “graceful one”. She is the guiding force behind everything we do.

She is at the centre of our every creation. Our jewellery is a manifestation of beauty and power that the goddess is symbolic of. Our devotion to her makes us believe in the power of supreme divinity. She makes us humble towards everything that we do. We are grateful to the divine blessings that have helped us survive and excel in our lives. She is the guiding light that we look up to and will continue to do so.


Adore comes from the Latin word adorare, meaning “to worship.” Since inception, Adore Jewels has been dedicated to creating ethereal jewellery. Crafted to perfection, Adore’s creations have created a niche for itself in the domestic as well as international markets.

Known for the signature gold, silver and gold plated jewels, we also work with diamonds as well as colour stones. However, colour stones are the real stars of Adore jewellery as the majority of the collections are made from both raw and cut stones along with a lot of sapphires, emeralds, rubies, yellow sapphire, turquoise, amethyst and many more. We also specialise in remodelling or redesigning old silver jewellery into bespoke pieces.


In 2002, Sunayana and Sandeep Jain, followed their creative impulse and launched an eponymous, quintessentially Indian jewellery brand – Adore Jewels. The brand is owned and operated by the husband-wife duo. The brand’s flagship store is located on M. I. Road in Jaipur.

The idea of launching their own label took shape at the time when Sunayana and Sandeep, who originally met as designers at a jewellery company, were in the midst of ‘creating something of your own’ period. First-time entrepreneurs when they launched Adore Jewels, Sunayana and Sandeep faced a lot of difficulties in establishing strong foothold in the industry. The driven and compassionate duo combined their individual strengths to build the brand brick by brick amidst stiff competition.

The brand’s creations are exported to esteemed customers in the USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Greece, Brazil, etc.


In life we experience many defining moments that can jolt us, change us or elevate us. The crucial point here is how we can learn from these moments. Adore’s designer duo – Sunayana and Sandeep’s story is all about believing in these defining moments and following one’s heart.

Their journey into the industry was all about having a strong belief in themselves and their skills. They gradually worked their way up in the industry. It wasn’t easy as a first time independent jewellery design company amidst the horde of established jewellery houses and names to reckon with the Jaipur jewellery industry. But their strong ambition and passion to excel helped them move ahead in the business. They gained experience while they were working as designers, worked closely with the craftsmen of Jaipur before launching their label ‘Adore’. Adore’s designs are not only high on aesthetics and craftsmanship but also have a soul. The designs carry a tale that is equally bewitching and mesmerising.