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From the Land of Maharajas

Adore stands for exquisite craftsmanship deep-rooted in traditions, customs and values. Coming from the land of maharajas, the influence of the city’s grandeur, royalty and heritage on Adore’s jewellery is hard to miss. At Adore, jewellery making is a holy ritual wherein artists, craftsmen with their complete devotion, and consciousness devote themselves to create the most exemplary jewellery pieces.  

Adore through its wonderful designs has ensured that the legacy of Jaipur’s jewellery making techniques is kept alive. One can see the strong influence of Jaipur’s culture, heritage and architecture in Adore’s latest gold jewellery collection. The motifs influenced by the architecture of palaces, use of Kundan-Meena, unusual combination of precious and semi-precious gemstones are some of the highlights of this collection. Some of the unaltered shapes of gemstones used in the collection give the pieces a raw appeal and elegance. Creative blend of precious gemstones and delicate craftsmanship in gold jewellery is a rare sight. But you will find this exceptional combination in Adore’s latest collection of gold jewellery.

The designs are crafted keeping in mind the millennial buyers who are looking for a meticulous blend of contemporary and traditional designs. The collection is stylish yet holds a timeless appeal and old-world charm. Each intricately crafted piece from this collection demonstrates fine artistry.

And that has always been the USP of Adore’s designs. It’s not for nothing that you adore Adore Jewels.

Talk of men’s jewellery and one cannot think beyond stackable rings, bracelets, ear studs and chains which are nowhere near to being elaborate and stunning. However, jewellery designers like Sunayana Jain endeavours to break the myth around men’s jewellery.

Today, there are a lot of men who prefer jewellery that goes beyond the set design rules and patterns as men wearing a multi-layered necklace, an elaborate bracelet or studded ear studs is no more considered effeminate.

Sunayana’s latest jewellery collection, Chanakya, explores an ancient era when men would not just wear jewellery but it was an adornment. Crafted in silver and gold, the collection is a celebration of beauty and splendour of the bygone era. The designs are bold and a reflection of masculine characteristics. Colour stone beads, semi-precious gemstones add a splash of colour, motifs with a meaning dominate her latest collection. Another highlight of this collection is the use of new materials like wood, thread, artificial feathers, etc. which has been Sunayana’s signature design style.

“Call it a star effect, more and more men are keen to wear jewellery. With a lot of Bollywood actors, international stars experimenting with the jewellery, men have begun appreciating jewellery and are interested in accessorising. At Adore, we are creating jewellery for men that tell a story through our designs. Even men love a bit of bling,” says Sunayana.

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